T H E   6 0 S
Royce Berry Mike Love
Tookie Berry Alan Moravik
Charles Billingsley Mike Payte
Don Carr Pat Pope
Harvey Chapman Tommy Stewart
Jay Collins Paul Strahan
Tony Conley Wayne Wheat
Billy Dale Willis Winters
Richard Dennard Travis Wright
Glen Halsell  



T H E   7 0 S
Larry Bates Scott Mann
Mike Belew Ray Nunez
Joe Bob Bizzell Curtis Pittman
Roy Bobbitt Ricky Reynolds
Rusty Breazelle Collins Rice
Chris Burger Ricky Ross
Tommy Campbell Tommy Sager
John Davis David Shipman
Chuck Fields Kevin Steen
Brian Harris Brian Vickers
Mike Herron Vic Vines
Kris Howard Russell Wheatley
Daryl Hunt Grady Wilkerson
Daniel Justis Mike Woodward 



T H E   8 0 S
Darren Allman Greg Kwiatkowski
Greg Anderson Rex Lamberti
Stoney Case Jerry LeClair
Ivory Christian Jerrod McDougal
Chris Comer Stephen Nold
Shawn Crow Kent Sager
Roy Dunn Danny Servance
Mark Glasscock Mike Troglin
Britt Hager Arvey Villa
Lloyd Hill Dal Watson
Jerry Hix Mike Williams
Alton Holloway Mike Winchell
T H E   9 0 S
Sheldon Bass Leland Morris
David Bobo Kendrick Parrot
Sam Brooks Koefie Powell
Scott Cherry Mike Nichols
Michael Comer Will Wagner
Rory Couch Casey Waite
Kyle Cunningham L.C. Ward
Tony Daniels Waylon Waters
David Guara Shane Wells
Malcolm Hamilton Justin Whitaker
Mike Nichols JaQuay Wilburn
Jeremy Marin John L. Williams
Heath Moody Roy Williams


WHERE ARE THEY NOW - Chronicles the lives of past Permian players and coaches into present day.  Find out what colleges they attended, professions they pursued, and how many went on to marriage and developing a family.


MOJO MUSEUM - Take a virtual tour through the Odessa Permian pages of history.  Watch historic videos, listen to classic audio, view newspaper clippings, and  take in all the splendor of the Mojo Magic. All right from your computer desk.




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