Permian came into existence over 40 years ago, as the third high school to Odessa.  Located in the northern part of town, it was only a matter of time for the 250,000 square foot school to root into fertile soil.  The beginning year saw Permian win three games, and in the second season of existence the Panther football program set the standard for winning with a record of 8-3-0.  In just five years later, the Panthers won their first state championship in 1965.  In 1966, the school district allowed the annexation of the Permian Field House, and the following year, the swimming pool was added.  As the building was growing, the legend was taking root and spreading faster than the construction.  It was also during this time, the infamous "Mo Jo" chant began.

Permian's first undefeated regular season was in 1970, when they lost in the state finals to Austin Reagan for the second time in three years.   The Class of 1971 will be remembered as the first class to successfully go through the full 12-year cycle since Permian's beginning in the fall of 1959.  It was in 1972 that Gil Bartosh was named Football Coach of the Year.   He guided the Boys of Mojo to an undefeated district season.  The year 1976... 'MOJO' had become so widespread that the Permian Seniors were to let it be known MOJO and Odessa Permian High School were one in the same.  Their statement speaks loud to this day in the form of the big, bold Three-Foot Letters tacked across the front of the building, spelling the chant word... M O J O.

The championship sign is an important addition to the football practice field, and has served to celebrate each of the football team’s accomplishments, marking 5-PAW Performances!  The campus athletic coordinator is Darren Allman.  Permian High School's address is 1800 E. 42nd, Odessa, TX 79762.  Their phone number is 432.366.3652.


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