-Rattling the wooden planks in the bleachers at Barrett Stadium.
-Black/White Game that featured graduating Seniors versus the next year's team.
-Trainers / Managers used to stand at attention during pre-game warm up.
-The quarterback wearing '20' or '25', depending on an odd or even year.
-Helmets being worn by the players on the sideline, unless of an injury.
-Sideline chatter and talking it up and supporting each other.
-Student Body Right... Student Body Left.
-The guy in the stands with the bugle playing "Charge".
-Cow bells clanging in the stands.
-Players actually running through an un-ripped sign.
-Fans staying until the end of the game, even on lop-sided games.
-Making opposing Blue-Chip college prospect players look really overrated.
-Disciplined players that didn't rack up several unsportsmanlike penalties.
-Having a coaching staff that actually out-coached the competition.
-A coach that talked Permian attitude to the media, instead of excuses.
-Players that talked Permian attitude to the media.
-Going into the last game of District, knowing the season wasn't over yet.
-Hearing fans recap the game at the half, instead of reiterating why things are bad.
-Going to the state playoffs year-after-year.
-Seeing the District Bell adorned in Black and White.
-Having one of the smallest teams, with the biggest hearts in the state.
-Halftime adjustment, and dominating the second half of the game with defense.
-Having more fans on our side of the stands than the opposing home team.
-Several motor homes parked at every game we played, home or away.
-18,000 Permian fans, and the band playing "Hawaii 5-0" in Texas Stadium.
-Kurt Kiser of KOSA-TV saying "and that's a MOJO touchdown!".
-CB conversations on the way to and from a Permian playoff game.
-The Roll Calls for fans waiting to buy playoff tickets the next morning.
-Opponents chanting "No Mo Mojo" or "Mojo Who?".
-Hearing the opponent fans silenced by mid-fourth quarter.
-People asking "What is a MOJO", just to find out Four Quarters later.
-Black and White streamers on mile marker signs on every road game.
-Counting how many cars had Mojo on them on the road game drives.
-Zentner's Daughter with the crowd before a game in San Angelo.
-K.C. Steak House in Big Spring before the game against the Steers.
-Standing by the Field House burning an orange candle for the Angelo game.
-100+ Pepettes wearing their black & white candy striped sweaters.
-Watching a band perform in black and white, including the drum majors.
-Majorettes outfitted in shiny silver, with the knee high boots.
-A massive marching band that stretched from end-to-end of the playing field.
-The band in the halls of Permian after the pep rally on game day.
-Hearing this thunderous band as it came out of the tunnel at Texas Stadium.
-The band uniformly marching off the field while chanting MOJO around the field.
-Crowds actually shouting the letters when the band spelled P-A-N-T-H-E-R-S.
-The Black-N-White Santa outfit worn by the Panther.
-Dr. Rowntree's black and white Christmas tree.
-Sending out Christmas cards wishing friends and family a Merry Mojo Christmas.
-Receiving cards from friends and family wishing a Merry Mojo Christmas.
-Big wooden yard signs in front of the players' houses, except crosstown week.
-Seeing only Permian signs on the Eastside of Odessa.
-Listening to "Catch Us If You Can" by Dave Clark Five on Friday afternoons.
-Hearing excuses about the one play that cost OHS the game - year-after-year.
-Dr. Rowntree's back door - medical treatment with no waiting.


SCHOOL HISTORY - How Permian came into existence back in 1959.
ORIGIN OF MOJO - Stories of the adoption of Mojo to the Panthers.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW - Chronicles life after Permian for the past players.


Take a virtual tour through the Odessa Permian pages of history.  Watch historic video clips, listen to classic audio Panther takes, view oldie newspaper clippings, and  take in all the splendor of the Mojo Magic. All right from your computer desk.



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